5 Ways to Avoid Hair Clogs in your Drain

5 Ways to Avoid Hair Clogs in your Drain

Hair clogs are the most irritable element of your bathroom drain. They are quite common reasons why your water does not drain quickly in the shower. Fortunately, this is not one of the hardest blockages in the drain as you can easily get rid of the hair build-up in your sink or shower. 

Although the hair clogs seem harmless, the continuous accumulation of hair strands and slow drainage can lead to major problems. This may force you to spend forcefully on the drainage repair and you will regret not taking care of this earlier. 

Here is how you get rid of the hair build-up to prevent the drains and sinks from blocking. 

Get drain covers 

Drain covers come in two forms; underneath drain screens and top drain screens. In fact, having drain covers installed can prevent any type of clog from taking place in your sink ever. It is not hard to install drain covers as anybody can do it, you just need to get the right size. You can opt for both underneath and top screens and fasten it with cement or putty, whichever does the needful. 

Use a wire hanger

It is the most obvious and effective way to take the hairs out of the drain manually. For this, you have to take a wire hanger and grab the hair with it to pull them out from the sink or drain. In case the hair blockage is not deeply embedded, you can easily get away with the hair blockage on the surface. For a more professional hair pulling from the clog, you can get a plumber’s snake tool to make sure that the hair gets out of the drain. 

Rinsing the sink or drain 

Instead of choosing one day for drain cleaning you can rinse your drain off of residues at frequent intervals. This might be the only reason why the hair clog build-up happened in the first place. But the tool and method you to use rinse off the drains are important. For this purpose, liquid drain cleaners are easily accessible in the nearby stores. With their aid, you can get rid of the heavy build-up and soap residues in the drains and pipes. But overusing them can lead to corrosion of drains and pipes, therefore, use them when required. 

Hot water treatment 

The soap, grease, and of course, the hair build-up creates a certain coating in the inside of pipes that after a time, start support this kind of clogging. This invites in more dirt and hair to build up as the pipes get hold of the dirt until it takes the shape of a major blockage. Eradicating this dirty greasy build-up can help get rid of the overall hair clogging, and for which, boiling water is the perfect treatment. Pour hot boiling water on the hair clogging and see if it flushes out of the pipes. Use a funnel to do this for safety purposes. 

Get professional cleaning

If any of the above advice does not bring the results, then you can always rely on professional plumbing services. Professional plumbers can quickly diagnose the root cause and treat using the right tools to eliminate the hair clogging problem in your drain. They can also inform you about the ways by which you can prevent further instances of hair clogging in the sink or drain. 

Another effective tip is to keep away hair from the shower areas whenever possible. You can also clean off all the hair that you can see after you are done combing or washing your hair.