Plumbing Inspection of Your Home

How often do You Need a Plumbing Inspection of Your Home?

Almost all the things you use daily need proper maintenance regularly. Most homeowners easily forget about their plumbing and draining systems’ maintenance. Plumbing system is one of the most forgotten system until the homeowners see some malfunctioning in mid-chilling winters’ night or their houses are flooded.

One more advantage of regular maintenance is that it prevents you from paying Plumbing repair bills. Plumbing systems are one of the most valuable assets of the house and better than keeping them in good condition. This would help you to stay away from water damage.

Why is it important to have plumbing inspections?

Many of us neglect to get our plumbing system checked regularly. This professional inspection done timely can help you save your money, time, and stress. A routine inspection can alert you to a severe issue that can be revealed before it gets worse. 

This inspection can help you maintain your pipes’ efficiency. And if you experience any of the below-mentioned symptoms, do consult a plumber:

  • Improper working of faucets.
  • High water bills.
  • Hot water doesn’t last for long.

What does a plumbing inspection include?

A quality inspection includes the in-depth checking of the drainage pipes, faucets, and many more pressurized water factors. Most homeowners get the camera inspection done in conjunction and regularly check on the sewer line’s condition.

And any Plumbing inspection company focuses on severe issues like roots and build-ups of micro-organisms and other dirt particles. Here are various sections of the house where the inspection is done more carefully:

  • Kitchen area: the kitchen is the area where the drain pipes are more likely to get rusted and clogged. The plumbers would check the valves under the sink and inspect the drain line properly. They will check if there is any blockage, corrosion, or leakage in the faucets. 
  • Bathrooms: water shafts in the bathroom area are more likely to burst midnight and fill your entire home with water because of the high water pressure. The efficient technicians from Plumbing Inspection Company suggest replacing them every 5-7 years. They will ensure that your toilet tanks are working correctly.
  • Outdoors: The professionals will look for moisture or some foundation damage due to slow leaks because of the improper piping. If you notice unusual patches of grass and hissing sounds, this indicates serious gas leaks. 

How often should we get it inspected?

The experienced professional plumbing experts suggest that the homeowners should get their plumbing systems checked after every two years to ensure its appropriate functioning. But there are situations when you need to get your systems inspected and repaired more frequently throughout the year.


As they say, prevention is the best way to stay protected from problematic situations, and so as in the case of these plumbing systems. Regular inspection helps to avoid massive Plumbing repair bills. And if you have still not scheduled your plumbing system’s check, you should get it done right away. Go online and find the most efficient plumber and provide some TLC to your plumbing system.