Sometimes, cold weathers are a great threat to our properties. Extremely low temperatures can cause various losses like bursting the exterior plumbing lines, damaging the water heater due to abrupt continuous contraction and expansion of the metal strip inside the heater. It can cause a water heater get damaged and start leaking as well. An old water heater is more prone to such damages if your unit has not been maintained with proper care.

The strength of a water heater can also be affected by the quality of water supply in your house. If your water supply has more sediment and minerals, it will exert more work load on your water heater. Also, when a minor leakage in a water heater is not repaired in time, it deteriorates to further damages. A leaking water heater is also a threat to the walls and floors of your house. Hence, you must call for regular maintenance of your plumbing lines during winter.

As a part of preventive care, you must schedule routine inspection of your water heater twice a year at least. A plumbing technician will check for leakages and cracks in the metal tank of your water heater. Another thing that must not be ignored is your water heater taking a long time to give you hot water. An unusually long time can be the first indication of a possible damage.

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