Cooking Oil and Grease

How to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil and Grease?

Whether it is deep-fried snacks or maybe crunchy bacon, almost everyone wonders how to use the leftover cooking oil and finally dispose of it. Well, most of us, may pour it down the kitchen sink and get rid of it. However, this may damage the inner pipelines or plumbing.

And if you are one of those thinking to dispose of the used cooking oil and grease outside, then you may harm the wildlife indirectly. Despite the usage, if your cooking oil is smelling good and is not rancid, then it can be reused, but if it has gone completely bad, then there are numerous safe ways to get rid of it safely. Moreover, you can also take help from the local cooking oil disposal services to get professional recommendations.

Four effective ways of disposing of the used cooking oil or grease:

  1. Convert it into a disposable container:

The used cooking oil or maybe grease should never be poured into the drainage pipes or plumbing pipes to avoid pipeline blockage. Well, these oily liquids should be solidified and then converted into disposable containers.

These disposable containers can be small milk cartons, plastic-lined paper containers. These containers should then be thrown into garbage safely.

  1. Solidify:

The rancid cooking oil or the bad grease that needs to be thrown out should not be poured outside as it will cause harm to the other living creatures. You can freeze the used and rancid cooking oil and the used grease in the refrigerator in some coffee mugs or old cans. And after freezing it, it can be thrown into the garbage bins by scooping it through a spoon. 

  1. Get a grease disposal system of your own:

Almost every professional place let it be a small restaurant, or a lavish hotel gets a vast quantity of leftover cooking oil or grease after a lot of frying. You must purchase an appropriate grease disposal system of their own.

You can get the full-fledge kit of the grease disposal system containing a big plastic receptacle that comes with foil-lined bags for filling up the waste cooking oil. These bags have the capacity of carrying around 32 ounces of oil. You just needto place a bag in the container, and can pour the leftover grease or oils in that till it gets full and then throws the bag by locking it from the top.

  1. Mix it well with other material:

You can also dispose of these wastes in liquid form by mixing it with some material that quickly absorbs the rancid cooking oil. And for this, any highly absorbent material can be used like sand, sawdust that can soak the liquid quickly. 

Youc can implement the above ideas to get rid of stubborn Oil and grease in your kitchen. If you are not comfortable to use these methodes by your own, you can hire a professonal grease pickup and recycling company in your area. 

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