Fix Leaky Kitchen Faucet

How To Fix Leaky Kitchen Faucet – A DIY Guide

A leaky faucet is a big annoying problem for a household. On procrastinating, the problem becomes more complex. It can be easily fixed when you know the right process to do it.

Steps to fix a faucet

It is tough for a homeowner to fix a leaky faucet when he has no previous experience to do it. The design of a faucet might be simple but there is a learning curve. On the other hand, there are specific tools to do it that a homeowner will need to complete the task properly. Let us begin with the easy steps to fix a faucet.


  • Know the design


The first thing you will have to do is to find out the type of faucet you are using in your kitchen. Probably, a faucet is the most used feature of a kitchen. Hence, it will eventually get damaged due to excessive use. Proper knowledge of the type of faucet your kitchen has is a must, to begin with.


  • Finding out the leak’s location


A composite design makes it hard to find out the exact location of a leak inside a faucet. A dripping faucet is one of the most common problems a household faces. Find out from here the faucet is dripping. If it drips from the top or from the base, you will need a different approach.


  • How to open a faucet


If you are using a compression faucet, remove the handle first with the aid of a screwdriver. Proceed to the next step by removing the nut using a proper wrench. Find out the washer and O-ring. A washer is made of rubber. If there is a leak around the faucet handle, you need to change the O-ring. If water is leaking around the body, you will have to change the washer. On using a faucet for a long time, the rubber washer gets damaged. Changing a washer and O-ring is easier.

If you own a ceramic faucet, loosen and dismember the handle. Bring out the escutcheon cap carefully. Use a wrench to remove a disk cylinder inside the tap. You will find neoprene seals inside. Clean them. If you find stubborn grease sitting on the seals, use vinegar to dissolve and clean the seals. Reset everything and fix the handle. Maintain caution as you are handling a ceramic faucet.

If you have a cartridge faucet, open it, locate the O-ring, remove it and replace it with a new one and reassemble the tap.


It is a complex process. The ideal way to deal with a kitchen faucet leak is by hiring a professional faucet repairing service.

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