How to Fix Your Kitchen 'Garbage' Disposal Problems

How to Fix Your Kitchen ‘Garbage’ Disposal Problems?

The drainage in your home receives lot of junks and scraps from various outlets inside your home. One of the main outlets is your kitchen sink. This sink’s outlets drain water through pipes attached to a Kitchen Garbage Disposal device.

The function of the device is to automatically crush and mesh food scraps, and other thrown away objects in the sink to make them flow out of the drain, along with the water. The drained water straight away is connected by plumbing pipes to your underground water sewer.

Often times, when you’re Kitchen Garbage Disposal does not work properly, it causes many troubles. First of all the drain water running below the kitchen sink does not flow freely. The water flow ejects in your sink with food particles floating all over.

Added to this, if the Disposal device does not work, the crushing and meshing job of bigger scrap pieces comes to a grinding halt. Also the uncrushed big pieces escape through the pipe will certainly clog your sewer pipes underground. So you have to take two remedial actions.

One is first check the device whether it works properly. If there is humming sound, but no water comes out of the device into the drain, it can be understood that the device gets current connection, but there is some jam inside the device in the blade.

So switch off or unplug the wire connection to the device. The device is manufactured in such a way it has facilities to get it repaired when working faulty. There is a Reset-button (normally red in color) visible to you. Open the device with a wrench to take off the upper lid and see what is causing the problem.

If there are scraps or food items obstructing the rotation of the blades, remove them with your hand and also clean up the device from any remaining debris inside. Set the button on and wait before switching the device on.

There is the other portion of your repair job. Clean up the sink inside pouring water first; then put some baking soda and vinegar one after the other. Leave the sink for 20 minutes to absorb and clean up the outlets with the mixture. Then pour hot boiling water slowly inside the drains. This process will surely clear any obstruction inside the draining outlet pipes.

Then check the device once again whether everything is alright and switch on the device. If you don’t undertake the above simple tasks, it may end up with bigger problems of drainage block. But in such eventuality, you can call Viperjet Drain Cleaning Service, New Jersey, to unclog your drainage pipes.

Infographic: How to Fix Your Kitchen ‘Garbage’ Disposal Problems?

How to Fix Your Kitchen 'Garbage' Disposal Problems?

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