Leaks are the general plumbing problem, the one which homeowners have to face one in a while. In case left unexamined, even the small leak could result in disastrous consequences. Always remember that the more you wait to do something, the huge will be the harm to your pipes. But, with the help of the right motivated steps, you can avoid the plumbing disaster without any hassle. Moreover, taking action for reducing pipe stress will better the quality of your house’s plumbing system as well as will assist you to avoid serious leaks in the long run.

  • Soften water for reducing stress on the plumbing – The only method to successfully deal with the hard water is through the installation of the water softener. Most utilize sodium for counteracting minerals in the water, however, new electronic softeners utilize electromagnetic pulses for dissolving minerals, as well as have the benefit of not adding sodium to the water.

You will require a plumber for installing the sodium-based, traditional softener, from $500-$1500 for an average-size house. The price of electronic units starts below $150, as well as because pipes do not need to be opened up, it is easy for you to install one for yourself.

  •  Lower your water pressure – Measure the water pressure through buying the houses bib gauge or reaching out to the local plumber. Living in a house with high water pressure is amazing as you will never have to be stuck in the lousy shower or experience the inefficient water-using appliances. However, high pressure can adversely affect the joints, piping, valves, and faucets.

Your water pressure must be registered between 40 and 85 psi. Anything higher must be lowered through the pressure regulator. Never forget that the low flow shower faucets and heads do not lessen water pressure, as they only control how much is supplied.

As the plumbing pipes start aging, leaks can take place. Avoiding them will only make the performance of your plumbing system suffer along with your home being subjected to significant damage by the water exposure. For preventing leaks from occurring frequently, the above-mentioned tips will help you a lot in reducing the stress they go through.