sewer line Issues in the Winter

How to prevent sewer line Issues in the Winter?

We all have seen floods coming in the season of summer or spring either due to excessive rainfall or natural disasters. But, flooding situations can even occur in the winter season as well. One of the core reasons for the same is the problems in the sewer pipes. The black water overflow is very common yet destructive water damage in which the contaminated water starts overflowing. The sewage water has a huge amount of harmful pathogens that can make people very sick and the chances of recovery are also quite low. Hence, sewer line cleaning is a very essential factor for the health and safety of everyone around. 

Quick Tips To Avoid Sewer Line Issues In Winter

The majority of the sewage problems are associated with the underground pipe and drainage system and are hidden in most cases. So, it’s not easier to understand or presume the cause of the drainage problem or timing when it can happen. But, the sewer lines give some signals themselves to understand the warning and hire the sewer cleaning services as the priority. Some of the common signs are mentioned below: 

  1. Bad odors at your homecoming from the sewers or drains. 
  2. Gurgling noises at the time of toilet flush or water dropping in drains. 
  3. Slow passing of water from the sinks, pipes, etc. 

But, why was the sewer blockage caused in the first place? 

  1. Tree roots cause damage in pipelines leading to blockage situations. 
  2. Structural faults in the sewage lines. 
  3. Wrong planning and improper implementation. 
  4. Broken pipelines and sewage. 
  5. Unsuitable items flushed in the toilets. 
  6. Leakage in the drains line. 
  7. Freezed septic system. 
  8. Blocked sewer vents.

If we are able to hire sewer line cleaning services in advance and can put a brake on these common reasons causing the blocking of the sewer system, we can avoid a huge mess and problems. 

Checklist To Avoid Sewer Line Issues

In order to prevent the sewer lines from blockage or overflow in the colder months of the winter season, certain precautions like sewer camera inspection and others are advised to be carried out. Some of these are: 

  1. Dispose of the grease properly. 
  2. Avoid putting the non-grind items in the garbage disposal. 
  3. Avoid flushing napkins, baby wipes, etc. in the toilet. 
  4. Clear out the snow from the top of sewer vents and avoid any blockage. 
  5. Do not let the sewer gas enter the home. 
  6. Save the sewer vent from freezing by installing the heating element. 
  7. Hire a professional sewer line cleaning to assess the plumbing and make it water-proof. 

The sewer line water is contaminated and filled with bacteria and viruses and can cause a bad impact on the health. Avoid harmful sewage water entering your home or property. The sewage water has not just a bad smell but can also lead to various serious diseases to those coming in contact with the same. Hire a trusted and reliable sewer camera inspection or plumbing services and deal with the potentially dangerous situations of sewer freezing and floods.