Water Heater Repair Service

Seven Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair Service

Hot water is the latest luxury that many of us take for granted. We never consider a malfunctioning water heater a big deal until we have an ice-cold shower in chilling winters. This is the moment when you realize how much you rely on these heating systems for all your household purposes. 

If you suspect some issue, don’t wait for too long to discover the problem; just find an efficient Water Heater Repair Service Company and get the issue resolved. But what if you don’t notice the malfunction at the right time? It may lead to the situation where you will need to replace your water heater.

So, here are some of the warning signs indicating that your need to get your water heater repaired:

  1. Water is not hot:

This is the most apparent sign when you turn on your shower, and your water comes out hot and sometimes it comes out lukewarm. Many homeowners don’t take this fluctuating temperature seriously.

If you notice that water coming out is hot at this moment and becomes cold within a few seconds, it’s time to get professional help. You can contact an efficient Water Heater Repair Services company to see if your heater has mineral deposits.

  1. Leakage:

Your water heater is supposed to provide you comfort in the form of hot water while bathing, washing and other household purposes, but it can lead to severe issues if you see some leakage around the fixture.

If you see the water is leaking from your water heater’s tank, you must get a visual inspection done by a plumber and look for the appropriate repair.

  1. Unusual water pressure:

If you experience irregular water pressure while taking a bath, your water heater may have accumulated minerals within it. This issue makes your water heater work harder than usual.

Such situations call for a monthly servicing session from a professional expert to check for the blockage and whether the installation was done correctly.

  1. Water discoloration:

The water coming out of your shower or tap must be colorless, and if it turns out to be hazy sometimes, it gets colorless once the water flows with appropriate pressure. And if you notice your water to be brownish or seems to be rusty, there is some problem with your water heater.

In case you see your water tub filled with dirty yellowish water, it might be due to corrosion. This brownish water maybe because of the rust, and it calls for the replacement of some essential parts of the water heater’s interior.

  1. Uncommon noise:

As your water heater gets older, it starts making a buzz that leads to hilarious noises. Many of you get scared and think if the heater is going to explode. But this is not going to happen; such noises are quite normal. You may also notice weird cracking sounds. To know the problem, you need t hire a professional Water Heater Repair Services company to get the heater checked.

Such noises may be due to the damaged dip tube or some leakage. Such problematic issues need instant professional assistance.


A water heater may also stop working correctly; the unit gets too old. Usually, the water heaters have a lifespan of around 10-12 years. And if you think you are always calling up the Water Heater Repair Service Company and getting the plumbing services, you must think about your plumber’s efficiency.

There are some situations when you see a combination of the signs mentioned earlier; you must get it inspected by an efficient plumber before it gets damaged further so that you don’t have to compromise on your comfort of hot water.