Common Plumbing fails

Top 5 Most Common Plumbing fails

Every homeowner experience sewerage issues, blockage issues in the sink or toilet, and other plumbing issues sometimes. There are many DIY hacks to solve plumbing and other problems but it’s best to hand over the plumbing task to a professional and licensed plumber. A person having less or no knowledge of plumbing repairs must not try to fix the problem himself as it can enhance the damage and also can cause health issues.

It’s very important to have acquaintance with a professional and procure his services in case of emergency. Also, it should be kept in mind to hire a good plumber who can fix the issue properly otherwise it can be very frustrating and annoying. So, if you are planning to hire a professional plumber then, you must check the background of the company.

List of plumbing fails

Not all plumbers do the task effectively as they are in rush to go somewhere else or they are not properly qualified and skilled to finish the job. So below is the list of some plumbing fails which can spoil the mood of every homeowner.

  • Wrong marking

Sometimes, a plumber can wrongly label the hot and cold water taps which creates confusion and can be very frustrating. So, it’s important to properly check the work of the plumber before making payment.

  • Unnecessary repairing

Some plumbers try to be very intelligent and try new things which can be the biggest nightmare if it doesn’t work well. It’s seen that some plumbers place the showerhead handle on the wrong side which creates confusion and makes it difficult to take a relaxing shower. So, you must hire a plumbing company that attains qualified professionals and can provide a work guarantee.

  • Improper fixing of taps

There are many cases in which the tap turns on and off automatically, which is a sign of bad plumbing. Fixing a tap is not a big deal for plumbers but still, some can’t do this simple job effectively. So, it’s always advisable to look for the best and experienced plumber who can do the job perfectly.

  • Installing the wrong tap

In this modern world, people try to do something new and go overboard which makes the job tough. The tap size should match with the sink otherwise it can create problems while washing hands and also can make the water splash out of the sink. So, it’s imperative to let the licensed plumber install the correct tap to avoid future problems.

  • Extra force

There are times when plumbers put extra force to fix the problem which can break the essentials like the sink, toilet seat, mirror, etc. So, a plumber must try to be cautious while doing the repairing task. Also, you must watch every activity of the plumber until the job is done.


Plumbing issues are normal but can cause big trouble. So, you must try to hire a local plumbing company with good customer reviews, and working in the area for many years. Also, it’s important to look for a company/plumber who can provide night services without any extra cost. Along with this, you must procure the services of a company that can provide a service guarantee and also can provide 100 percent satisfaction.