Imagine how comfortable your life becomes during winters if you have a water heater installed in your house. You are able to get warm showers, clean your clothes, and wash your utensils even in chilling winters without any hassle. So, you owe some love and special care to your water heater. Here are a few basic tips you can adopt to take care of your water heater.

First thing is using the equipment at right temperature. Keeping the thermostat of the heater at 120 degrees can help you prevent your water heater from the risk of scalding. In addition, you will save up to 5% in your energy expense. Take note that it is always advisable to keep 2 feet of clearance around the water heater unless the user manual specifies anything else.

Prevent sediment and debris from accumulating in your heater tank. You can do this by draining the tank a few times a year while it is not in use (summer). You may turn off the cold water supply and hang the hose to the drain valve. Later, allow it to run in a bucket until you see clear water collecting in it. If it’s dirty, keep water supply valve open for some time and drain the tank again. This will keep your water heater well maintained.

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