A leaky faucet will always keep on dripping water leading to huge water losses. And, if you don’t get the leaky faucet fixed in time, it can get worse and cost you a lot of bucks. Also, the continuous water loss due to the leakage will increase your water bills.

It is essential to must know about the causes that lead a faucet to leak. You must take care to prevent such leakages. The most common causes of leakage in the sink faucets are faulty plumbing accessories and defective parts such as o-rings, washers and rubber gaskets etc. The part may either be faulty from the beginning or undergone corrosion and wear and tear due to mineral deposits from water.

You can troubleshoot or repair a leaking faucet that drips water continuously by finding the location of the leakage and fixing it in time. A sink faucet with leakage around the spout base is very common. A plumber can help you remove the leaking spout and replace the O-rings to correct it. And, if the valve seat is corroded, then it might also be one of the causes for the dripping faucet. If your seats are made of brass then you can resurface it and fix the issue. However, if it’s made of plastic then you’ll have to change the complete unit.

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