Tree Roots are Harmful to Your Home Plumbing Pipes

Why Tree Roots are Harmful to Your Home Plumbing Pipes?

Grown up trees in your yard may look beautiful and give shade pleasantly. But the same trees can cause immense troubles. Trees send roots underground on every side, to suck water and supply. Your home pipes are ideal water source for these roots. Especially the underground drainage pipes can “feast” the roots, with not only water, but also “nutrients” by the debris and unwanted food wastes flowing along the sewer pipes.

How the damage occurs?

Normally the conventional practice is to lay clay pipes for underground sewer because of their thickness.  But these mud pipes are short in length, and each piece has to get joined with the next through a coupling pipe. There is every chance for leakage of water over a period, when the pipes are buried underground.

The water vapor emanating from the leaked water on the ground invites tree routes, to grow near the mud pipes. The roots are powerful to bore a penetration through the cracks and couplings, and easily can break the pipes to cause more damage. More roots abound together to obstruct the water flow.

The debris, muck, soap, hair wads and all sorts of nasty materials get filtered by the roots. This creates a big clog within a month or so. As a result, the water flow stops and stagnation of sewerage water is caused.

What symptoms you get?

When tree roots cause the blockage of water eventually you get certain symptoms inside your home. The toilet, bathroom and kitchen sink water outlets show water backing up first; then the water disappears with a gurgling noise; and this water clogging occurs frequently, even after you clear the water clogging at the outlets level, by using some home remedies. You can be sure then that the problem is somewhat bigger, caused by tree roots blocking the water inside the sewer.

What will be the extent of damage?

Blocked sewerage pipes will send dirty water inside your home. The smell will be awful. You cannot use the toilet owing to the overflowing of the toilet-water commode. Bathrooms get slippery, since the entire floor is filled with dirty water. Viruses and bacteria become rampant in such unhealthy sanitary situations, and can cause innumerable diseases to your family members.

Above all, clearing sewerage block caused by tree roots is an expensive proposition. You need to call in Emergency Plumbing Service in your town. They are experts in clearing this major clogging,by using high-tech equipment like Hydro Jet, video camera inspection, Vacuuming Machine etc. as also their experienced expertise.

As such, tree roots can cause considerable damage to your home plumbing-pipes.

Infographics: How to Prevent Tree Roots From Damaging Plumbing Pipes

How to Prevent Tree Roots From Damaging Plumbing Pipes

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