Imagine you wake up to clogged toilet almost every day. Of course, you never want to see a clogged toilet every time you enter the washroom. Toilet is the one thing that every person wants to be in perfectly clean and tidy state. None likes to experience any inconvenience in it. But there can be many instances when a toilet will get blocked every now and then.

If you face such a problem often, then you must inspect it and get it fixed. The first thing that you must check is the flapper. A flapper is the part of the toilet that allows water to enter into the toilet bowl from the water tank. It shouldn’t be clogged so that enough water is released to ensure a proper flush each time you use the toilet. In case, it has any blockage, you must try to adjust the chain and ensure that opens and flushes completely.

If you have kids in your house, then you must also check that they don’t flush down things like paper towels, tissues, sanitary products, toys, etc. into the toilet. These can get stuck and cause clogging of the pipelines. If it happens, then you may have to put your handy dandy toilet plunger and move it back and forth to clear the clog. This suction force caused by the plunger will help in pushing down the clog into the pipeline.

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