A dishwasher needs a little care to serve you the best way. If you ignore the primary maintenance of the unit, you may often face problems such as foul smell. A dishwasher can smell as bad as rotten eggs or stale fish. However, if you take preventive care of your dishwasher, it will serve you perfectly without any issue.

The most common issue dishwasher users complain about is bad odour from the machine. A dishwasher can smell like sewer or rotten egg if it is not cleaned properly. If some food particles remain stuck inside the dishwasher filter, it can smell very badly. Also, if the drain hose is bent somewhere or placed wrongly, it can prevent the machine to drain completely after use. The standing water inside the dishwasher can result in bad odour.

You must thoroughly check the dishwasher filter and ensure that no food particles remain stuck in it after usage. The filter or the trap can be removed by hand and cleaned with care. If you smell bad odour from your dishwasher, you must also check whether the drain hose of your unit is bent somewhere or not. A kinked hose can cause waste water backflow into the machine leading to bad smell. You can straighten the hose to correct the problem. If there’s any other issue, it is always better to consult a professional plumber.

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