People often experience this issue. It happens when the drainage from one of the plumbing fixturescomes up into another. It indicates that the two plumbing lines are either connected via one sewer line or there’s a clog before the sewer line enters the main drain. This causes the water in the pipelines to rise to its own level thereby causing it to come up in the lower plumbing fixture which is placed at same level.

It may also be caused due to accumulation of lint, grease and soap scum inside the sink or sewer lines.So, when the water flows down through the drain, a layer is made on the inside of the pipeline. This layer eventually grows thickerand reduces the internal diameter of the pipeline thereby minimizing the water flow. You can use a hand snake to open up such minor blockages or clogs accumulated in small traps. It will help you punch a hole through a clog.

The worst part is that many-a-times, the sludge is created inside the pipeline is so thick that when you try to pull the hand snake, the sludge fills it back. Therefore, these hand snakes are not used in clearing pipes that are placed under the floor. For such problems, you should call a professional plumber.

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