Kitchen is the cleanest corner of a house. It is maintained well because a healthy kitchen is the symbol of a healthy family. A faulty plumbing line can ruin your kitchen’s healthy environment. An untidy kitchen can be resulted by anything such as a leaking pipe or a clogged sink. It can invite insects, pests and diseases along with them. So, whenever a fault appears, contact with a certified plumber to repair the issue.

Sinks drains are always installed at a greater height as compared to other drain pipes in a house. Therefore, if you see dirty water standing or backing up in your kitchen sink and not in your bathtub or washroom sink, then the problem is directly related to the drain pipe of your kitchen sink. However, if water backs up into the bathtub and washroom sink as well, then there is a greater chance that the issue lies in the main drain line of your house or the municipal drain line.

So, if dirty water backs up in your kitchen sink, then possibly there is a clog in your drain line. You must hire a plumbing service for a professional cleaning. A blockage of the kitchen drain pipe can be caused to several reasons such as food particles, oil, grease, and scum etc. And, if the kitchen drains are not regularly cleaned with some DIYs, then the stuck clog can eventually build up to block the complete diameter of the pipe. This will stop water from draining through the pipe and cause backflow of dirty water too. You should use drain maintenance products regularly to keep your plumbing lines grease and scum free.

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