sewer line is clogged

What are the solutions to fix if the main sewer line is clogged?

Cleaning the drain of the sink, bathtub or toilet is not an easy task at all and needs professional expertise. One can clean the clutter of the drain in various ways but the problem arises if the main sewer line gets clogged. If there is any clog accumulated in the main sewer line, then it will cause serious problem to the entire range of fixtures linked with the plumbing system. Here it is advisable to hire a professional plumber to avail best Sewer cleaning services.

The sewer system, in general, gets clogged because of the accumulation of loose debris, papers, dry leaves, etc. The tree roots find warmth inside the pipe and they start growing. So, once you hire a professional plumber they will diagnose the main cause of clogged sewer. The experts will inspect the inside area of the sewer system with the help of a tiny camera. This will help to understand the real cause behind blocked sewer. With the help of this process, it is not only easy to detect the grown tree roots inside the pipe, but it can also find a fine line of breakage inside the pipeline. After detecting the causes experts will pick any of the one or more methods to clear the sewer.

    Mechanical cleaning: The professionals use different types of tools which are must to clear the clutter inside the sewer. One of them is auger by using which it is possible to clean the gutter properly. Another way to clean the sewer is to use high water pressure. The force of the water will blow away the roots and other obstacles in the pipe easily without causing any damage to the pipes.

    Chemical cleaning method: Among various effective Sewer cleaning services, the chemical method is no doubt considered best among all. Different chemical solutions are used to clean the sewer effectively. The professionals here use caustic chemical and this will help to unroot the tree roots. Again, many professional plumbers prefer to use copper sulfate in place of the caustic chemical. This chemical will kill the roots of plants developed inside the pipelines and will blow them away. Another option to clean the sewer is to use the foam mix with metam-sodium and dichlobenil. This foam is also extremely effective to kill the root and clean the sewer.

So, those above are some effective ways to inspect the reasons for clogged sewer and fix the problem. Here one should contact the professionals to get the best Sewer cleaning services. Check company reputation and compare costs before you select one for availing the services.

Infographics: How to prevent sewer line from clogging?

How to prevent sewer line from clogging?

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