fix an air-lock in your plumbing system

5 Effective ways to fix an air-lock in your plumbing system

Sometimes airlock problems can occur in the pipes which can be very annoying and frustrating and can spoil your mood completely. The main cause of the problem is when the pockets of air got trapped in pipes with the flowing water. This can lower the pressure of water and can block the water supply. So, it’s very imperative to keep a track of water pipes at regular intervals and repair them as soon as you experience a problem. 

Also, you must have acquaintance with professional licensed plumbers who can fix the problem effectively and efficiently.

Signs of Air Lock

There are various signs of an airlock problem. You must make sure to keep a track of the pipes and take measures quickly to prevent any further damage. Some of the most common signs are as follows:

  • Sputtering of water even after opening in all way
  • Hot water is flowing intermittently

Ways to fix airlock problem

There are various DIY hacks that can help to solve the problem but it is just a temporary solution to the problem. So, it’s important to hire a plumbing company that can help you out of your misery. Below are some of the best ways to fix an airlock problem in pipes.

  • Hosepipe

One of the best and easy way of solving the airlock problem is attaching the hosepipe with the tap. One end of the hosepipe is connected to the problematic tap and the other end is connected to the working tap. After this, the working tap should be opened so that the water from the working tap will flow to the tap with an airlock problem and break the airlock. So, you must try this hosepipe hack at least 2-3 times but if the problem still exists then he should call a professional plumber to solve the issue.

  • Open every faucet 

Opening every faucet in the home at the same time can help break airlock in pipes as it can help to shake loose the airlock with the increased by opening all the faucets at the same time. This hack is one of the easiest and best hacks that requires no special skills and can increase the chance of breaking the airlock.

  • Bleeding the radiator system

If the airlock occurs in the boiler, it is important to bleed out all the radiators. Also, before bleeding the radiators it’s vital to turn off the boiler. After doing this, if the airlock doesn’t break then call a professional and licensed plumber who can do this task effectively.

  • Washing machine method

In this method, the valves of the washing machine are connected to the hosepipe and after that hot water valve and cold water, the valve is opened for at least 30 seconds. The added pressure of valves can break the airlock. This method is very effective and widely used by many people.

  • Showerhead method

In this method, the showerhead is opened and the plastic bags are connected with the pipe and the head of the shower will be put back. After this, the hot water outlet should be turned off leaving the cold one open. After doing this, both the shower taps (hot and cold) should be opened, which can create the pressure which goes back in the pipe and break the airlock. 


The airlock problem is very common but can create a hassle. So, it’s important to keep a track of the pipe and hire a plumbing company that attains skilled and trained professionals who can do the plumbing task without any problem. Along with this, it’s important to make sure that the company is genuine and can provide you services worth your investment.