Drain Cleaning Methods that work best for you!

Clogging of the drain at home or a commercial place is a common occurrence, but a nasty one though. If you analyze why the drain pipes get clogged, and block water getting drained, the answer will be accumulation of various substances that go into the drain, through the pipes. Human hair, grease, oil, soap scum,  foodstuffs and other debris going into the drain little by little, accumulate and bulge together to clog the drain. There are so many Drain cleaning methods in practice. Let us see what are they and how they can work best for you.

A word of caution right at the outset is the Drain cleaning methods work best when used by professional crew or plumbers, who are a phone call away. They are experienced in all the processes of drain-cleaning and storme Drain cleaning. So it is advisable not to try “do-it-yourself” ventures.

Conventional methods:

Boiling Water – Pouring boiling water on the opening of the drain or the kitchen sink drain holes is the easiest one in practice.

Caustic Soda and Vinegar – This is hazardous because the mixture will bubble with heat, and care should be taken before pouring the liquid down the drain. Some people use Baking Soda as well.

Wire hanger – is used by bending one end to hook the debris out of the drain opening. This is a far-fetched method, since it won’t work if the clog is in the middle of the pipes

Drain Snake – this is a tool specially made for cleaning the clogging drains. The long flexible metal rope can be inserted deep inside the drain pipes to hit the clogging spot, and push the obstruction away.

The Plunger – this is an appliance operated with electric power, to dislodge the clog in the sinks and toilet pipes by force. The same operation can be repeated several times till you succeed.

Latest methods:

Professional service crew uses latest technologies as Drain cleaning methods, as also for storme Drain cleaning. The first is Power Roding. In this method, a flexible metal cable with attached head and sharp-teeth to cut-through the debris is sent down the length of the drain, operated by a motor. Then strong force of water-flushing will clear the clogging without fail and the problem resolved.

The innovative method is high-pressure water jetting (up to 60,000 PSI) to smash the clogging. Then more water-jetting cleans up the drain pipes permanently. These techniques are used for storme Drain cleaning process also.

Infographic: Drain Cleaning Methods

Drain Cleaning

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