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Why Bergen County Homeowners Need a Drain Inspection?

In every home, the bathroom and kitchen are in daily use inevitably. The water used up in these two places gets drained into the public sewerage, connected by pipelines. These pipelines are normally made up of clay or cast iron and have changed to PVC nowadays. You don’t bother about the drainage in your Bergen County Home until it poses problems of clogging and unwanted smell inside your home. This is where the Drain Inspection services come into the picture.

When the clogging of sewerage occurs, you start all the DIY efforts to resolve the problem, initially. But if everything fails, there’s no other option but to call experienced experts from Bergen County plumbing services.

Why at all the Drain inspection is needed? Well – the conventional methods of drainage cleaning by plumbers involved tools, for first probing where the clog has occurred and then clearing it. From your main house-drainage to the junction where the water joins with the public sewerage, it should be a minimum of 20 feet pipeline.

Just imagine the clog is somewhere in the middle or at the end of the drainage pipe, the only way is to grope in the dark and proceed on guesswork. This will be daunting and time-consuming. But the latest Technology adopted by Bergen County plumbing services obviates the necessity for this blind search, undertaken endlessly. These experts use intelligent Drain Inspection services, where a video camera is sent into the drain – attached to a flexible rod which can easily enter curves and bends in the pipeline.

They withdraw the camera after automatically “shooting” pictures of the inside of the drainage pipes, crystal-clearly. The images can be viewed on a computer screen as if you see a TV show. Within no time, the exact location of the clog is found out, together with what obstructs the water-flow.

Then if the clogging is deep inside the pipe, and some comparatively bigger blockage or obstruction is found out, the experts use the Hydro-jetting machine. By this device, pure water is sprayed with a heavy force of up to 4000 psi. This Hydro-jetting into the drainage pipes is very effective in clearing even stubborn and un-relenting clogs, caused by tree- roots. The force of water jetting smashes all the obstruction objects to pieces and drives them away, permanently.

The Drain Inspection services are a must before embarking on water jetting so that you get positive results. See the clog first and clear it.

Infographic: 6 Most Common Plumbing Problems

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