Get Your Home's Plumbing Ready for a New Baby

7 Tips to Get Your Home’s Plumbing Ready for a New Baby

Congratulations you became parents. This is one of the happiest moments in your life as you planned so hard to welcome the baby in your house. But are the preparations all perfect or there is something more that you need to take care off. The environment needs to be suitable for the healthy growth of the baby and safe also. Plumbing is one area which needs attention before you welcome the new baby to home. Here are 7 Tips to Get Your Home’s Plumbing Ready for a New Baby.

  1. Clogged sink problem: It is common to see clogged sink problems in every house which turns to be a source for spreading diseases in the house and can attack the baby too. DIY methods like use of vinegar can remove the build-up and clear the clogged sink.
  2. Clogged Toilets problem: All family members use the bathroom, and so it can get clogged easily. Keep a plunger handy with you. Keep a trash bin for disposal of baby wipes, sanitary napkins, and tissue paper. Call a reputed plumber for cleaning of clogged toilets as it can spread diseases if not cleaned not in time.
  3. Shower drain clogging: Shower drain clogging is common to see as body dirt, soap grease, hair, etc gets clogged in the shower drain blocking the water flow. Clean it up or this clog can turn the floor slippery and cause fall for the mother with baby in a lap or for other members too.
  4. Clean Frozen Pipe: For proper cleaning of the baby clothes, baby bath and other household work need of water is there. Frozen pipes are a serious problem in winter months. Make sure the pipes are properly insulated, to avoid frozen pipe problem.
  5. Water leak: Inspect the home to detect any signs for water leaking. If leaking is not fixed then that can increase the water bill and soak waters on walls making it a perfect place for molds and fungus growth which is harmful to the baby health. Fix the leaks to resolve the problem.
  6. Malfunctioning of water heater: Water heater is one of the most important appliances for supplying warm water in winter months. Get the necessary maintenance work done of your water heater to give a warm and secured winter month to your baby.
  7. Complete plumbing inspection: In case you detect no plumbing issue in your property in the naked eye, book the plumber appointment for Complete plumbing inspection. The experts will visit your place and make proper checking of the plumbing system and repair if any defects found.

Follow the above tips for rectifying the plumbing problem before you welcome the baby.


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