Know Your Home Plumbing Structure and Sewer Lines

Know Your Home Plumbing Structure and Sewer Lines: What’s in Your Home?

Is it the case that you are just bought a new home or you purchased one on resale? Whatever be the case one of the most important things that you need to check before you buy is the Plumbing Structure and Sewer Lines. There are a few things that you must know to inspect the plumbing system correctly.

  • Varieties of House Sewer Lines: There are 3 types of such lines. The first one is combined sewer line and it collects as well as combines the flow of both wastewater and stormwater forming a combined line. Next is sanitary sewer line which manages the flow of water to shower, toilet and sinks. The third one is the storm sewer line. It is responsible to take out rainwater from rooftop and other locations of the property.
  • Size of the home sewer: In maximum cases, the sewer located inside the home is of 4″ but it can also be 6″ in the exit location. In the case of a residential complex with many families, the size may vary between 8″ to 10″.
  • Sewer line materials: There are different types of materials used for making sewer line. The major among them include Clay Tile Pipe, Cast Iron Pipe, Bituminized Fiber Pipe, and Plastic PVC Pipe.
  • Correct installation of sewer line: First rule is that you can make the installation of the complete line having at least of 1/4″ of pitch per foot of run. The 2nd rule is avoiding sharp turns in the drain system lines. These 2 rules ensure that you face minimum clogging in the plumbing and sewage lines.
  • Knowing the plumbing appliance used: All sinks and toilets of selected property come with a shut-off valve which allows to cut off the water supply. Identify the flaps and check the process to cut off the supply of water if toilet burst or get clogged at night and you have no plumber to manage the situation

The above are a few mandatory things that you need to check in your home plumbing structure and sewer lines. Apart from this, you need to have a good amount of knowledge about probable plumbing problems. You should ensure getting an annual maintenance done of your property for plumbing and sewer line to avoid any disturbances. At the time of buying a property call your plumber and request for the inspection of the prospective property to stay assured that you are buying one with sound plumbing structure and sewer lines.




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