Plumbing Joints From Leaking

How Do I Stop My Plumbing Joints From Leaking?

There are many different kinds of plumbing in our washrooms and kitchen areas. The many joints that are part of this leakage keep needing repairs often and in rare cases, they require replacement as well.  Calling a plumber service frequently can put a strain on your pocket and even mess up with your peace of mind as arranging for a plumber and scheduling the repairs can be hard. Therefore its better if one learns how to stop plumbing joints from leaking.


There are some simple ways in which one can fix the plumbing joints from leaking. If your leak coming from a joint, then one simply needs to tighten the joint.  If the leak is a pipe the one needs to fill that leak or change that segment. These are some simple fixes that can be sorted at home only. However, one needs a more complicated treatment when dealing with big leaks.


Threaded Joints

For fixing threaded joints, use Teflon tape to wrap the pipe. Use 3 to 5 layers of Teflon tape in an anticlockwise manner. After applying the tape, extend the Teflon pipe on top of the threaded joint and remove the extra compound before reattaching it to the joint.


Compression Joints

Use the Teflon pie compound and lubricate the ferrule and make a tight seal. Make use of 2 wrenches and tighten the compression fitting and push it directly into the fitting.


Slip Joints

Start by lubricating the slip joint and drain the tubing. Attach the nut to the slip joint by hand. After its tightened, adjust all the trap parts in a way that they remain pitched for drainage and are accurately aligned. Uneven alignment causes leakage.


For very severe leaks it is suggested that you call professional help. Often amateur and DIY style plumbing results in serious damage.

Infographic :Stop Your Plumbing Joints From Leaking

Stop Your Plumbing Joints From Leaking

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