Replace Your Water Heater

5 Signs it is Time to Replace Your Water Heater

A water heater is a staple appliance in most homes and this appliance needs to get repaired and replaced with immediate whenever there is some problem with it. Often we do not realize that our equipment needs replacement until the appliance breaks out and leaves us in a cold shower.


Here are 5 signs that one needs to replace their water heater.


  1. Leaks 

If you’re your heater is leaking then it is an obvious sign that your heater needs replacement. Often the heater leaks because of the metal tank inside the heater cracks or breaks.


  1. Strange Noises 

Strange noises mean replacement. Noises are caused in a heater due to sedimentation of minerals. As the sediments become harder they start banging on the heater and cause loud noises.


  1. Contaminated Water

If a heater is giving water with mud, rust, has a metallic taste, or a foul smell then it means the appliance needs to change.  One should keep a water heater that gives contaminated water.


  1. Change in Water Temperature

A sign that you should replace your heater is an unexpected drop or rise inaccurate temperature. This shows that the temperature regulating capacity of the water heater has failed.


  1. Frequent Repairs

If your heater has undergone more than 2 repairs in a month then it’s a sign that the appliance should be replaced. There is no point in keep repairing a heater, instead of buying a new one.


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