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When does your home septic tank require an inspection?

You might have heard a saying about septic tanks, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Septic tank is that kind of system that, if something goes wrong, can create a hoax. Often people avoid home septic tank cleaning due to unpleasant and dirty jobs. However, if you’re selling or buying a new home, there are a few things you need to know about septic tanks, as not having a septic inspector for inspection can later cause major issues. Septic tanks need to be in good condition for the smooth function of your household system. 


Are you contemplating septic tank inspection? Wondering what should be done? 

This article will guide you on how and when you require septic tank cleaning


How often do you need a septic tank inspection? 


 Hire a septic inspector every 3 to 5 years to ensure your septic tank is functioning effectively and septic tank plumbing is good. Stick to this schedule if you want your life to work systematically. Often homeowners take it casually and then face an emergency situation of replacing septic tanks that cost $10000 to $50000 on average. Therefore, make sure you have a regular check of the septic tank.


When do you need to inspect the home septic tank? 


These symptoms indicate the need for septic tank cleaning

Green Grass: If you find more green grass over your septic system than anywhere else in your yard. If your tank is not working as it should, that means more water is entering the ground; it might benefit your plants, but it’s not good for people; this indicates you require septic tank plumbing.


Blockage:  If you find your water not draining properly as it should be, it might be caused due to blockage. That’s a sign of replacement. You might not be able to identify its cause; your septic inspector will understand and perform the required septic tank plumbing and cleaning. 


Puddle: Puddles on your draining system or septic tank are a sign of blockage or even worse problem. Puddles might be wastewater, so make your family stay away from it to avoid health issues. Consult your septic inspector; they will understand if it requires cleaning or replacement. 


Strong Odors: If there is a bad odor in your yard, the cause could be related to your septic system. A septic inspection will assess if the strong odors you smell are coming from the system or not.


Final Thoughts: Homeowners often neglect the inspection of septic tanks until they either buy a new home or sell. However, if you’ve been living in one place for a long time, ensure regular inspection of septic tanks. The above-stated symptoms are signs for you to do it right away. 


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