Is your toilet base leaking?

Understand why your toilet base is leaking and how to fix it?

Is your toilet base leaking? Are you finding it frustrating to handle? If yes, then this article might help you.

Usually, toilets last longer than any other home fixtures, but sometimes, the base gets spoiled due to several issues over time, leading to serious damage. Although repairing a toilet is not difficult, but it might involve removing the entire base depending on issues. Sometimes, DIYers identify the cause, and sometimes, they cannot, which later leads to serious damage so, instead of taking the matter in hand, searching for a plumbing company near me will be better. However, even if you’re thinking of repairing yourself, you need to understand why your toilet base is leaking? Here are a few reasons that might be the cause: 

Bolts need to be tightened: The toilet base is connected to the floor with two bolts, sometimes over time, they tend to get loose, causing the toilet to be a little rocky that breaks the seal formed around the wax ring which causes drain water to seep out. 

Wax ring requires replacement: Leakage in toilet base might be caused due to wax ring; either it is worn out over the years or is pliable now. However, if your tee bolts are loose, the Wax ring seal might be broken. 

Loose in water supply line: If there’s a problem in your supply line, you might notice, the water from the base is always leaking, not only during flushing, which causes continuous leakage of water. Check your water connection properly; if you’re not able to understand, search for plumbers near me

How can you fix the leaking toilet base? 

If water is leaking from the toilet base, it might only require a few tightening bolts considering the above reasons. Use a knife or sharp object or screwdrivers to pry off bolt caps and use a wrench to tighten the bolt. If you’re able to stop leakage, its good; if knot, then these methods might help you: 

Remove the wax ring and add a new one: Scrap away the old wax with the help of a putty knife; make sure you scrape off all the old wax. Once it’s done, install a new wax ring. The wax ring will be placed using a plastic cone facing the draining system; once it’s done, check all the bots and make sure you tighten them securely. 

Disconnect and remove the toilet: To start this process, you need to stop the water supply, cut off the water supply from the pipeline, flush all the water stored in the drain, use a sponge to get rid of excess water, Unscrew the nuts that mount the supply tube with a screwdriver, use a wrench to remove the tee bolts from the base; once all bolts have been removed, lift the toilet with the help of someone and place it aside to prevent any damage. The process might look untidy and requires hard work; contacting toilet repairing services can be useful. 

Check Condensation: Sometimes, the toilet base starts leaking due to the condensed environment; there might not be any serious issues. Condensation can be reduced by reducing humidity, the number of flushes, etc. 

Final Thoughts: Sometimes, toilet base leakage happens due to minor problems; if you’re able to identify them, it can be prevented easily. The above-stated reasons are most common for toilet leakage. However, if you’re unable to locate the cause, hiring toilet repairing services will not harm you. 

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