Get Rid of that Foul Smell in your Kitchen Sink

8 Ways to Get Rid of that Foul Smell in your Kitchen Sink

Have you ever noticed a foul smell suddenly hitting your nose when a gust of water enters the kitchen sink outlet? It is the foul smell produced by the accumulated food and waste inside the pipes that need to be addressed. The accumulation of food and waste is also a serious threat to your family’s health. Let us find out how it can be cleaned to get rid of that smell.

Ways to clean your kitchen sink


  • Boiling water


Pour boiling water in the kitchen sink. The increased temperature of the water flowing inside the pipe will flush out food particles and waste from the pipe’s surface easily. Thus, pathogens and pests will not be able to grow and produce a stinking smell.


  • Baking soda


A good brand of baking soda can do a lot of miracles here. Take out a fresh pack from the fridge and pour a heap of it on the sink outlet. The oxidizing property of baking soda will instantly get rid of the smell and will also clean the pipe surfaces very quickly. YOU can also pour hot water on it to cause effervescence and clean the pipe.


  • Citrus rinds


You can use the orange and lemon peels as an excellent stench remover. The refreshing smell of peels will reduce the stench. In fact, the residual acid left in the peels will also aid in cleaning the pipe surfaces.


  • Vinegar


Distilled vinegar can be used to reduce the smell of your kitchen sink by using its acidity. Its scent will also mask the foul smell easily.


  • Vinegar and baking soda


On adding vinegar (an acid) and baking soda (an acid salt), you will find a volcanic effervescence. This effervescence effect can be used perfectly to clean the sink outlet and the pipe underneath. A cup of baking soda and half cup vinegar will do the trick.


  • Lemon juice and baking soda


Using the same concept, the effervescence effect of baking soda can be generated using the acid power of lemon juice. Lemon juice will take care of the foul smell and the effervescence created will clean the pipes.


  • Borax


You can either pour grounded borax into the sink outlet or use ice with borax to blend in the garbage disposal unit. Once it settles down, pour lemon juice or vinegar down to remove deposited waste.


  • Salt and ice


A garbage disposal system can be cleaned using salt and ice as an abrasive surface. On blending salt and ice, a rough surface is produced inside the garbage disposal. Salt will act as a disinfectant killing pathogens and pests.


These are the 8 homemade ideas to get rid of your kitchen sink’s foul smell.


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