cleaning of grease traps can benefit your restaurant

How regular cleaning of grease traps can benefit your restaurant

Grease traps need to be cleaned frequently to keep the restaurant clean and stench-free. There are other reasons for preferring this as an important task to perform on a regular basis.

Advantages of cleaning grease traps


  • Grease accumulation can create stench


A restaurant produces a lot of greases while cooking and cleaning utensils. The flow of grease is not similar to water. It gets stuck in the tricky corners and eventually on prolonged accumulation, the volume increases to a considerable extent. The accumulated grease will also attract other waste material which will rot producing stench later. Hence, a regular cleaning process will lead to a stench-free grease trap and will keep your restaurant clean.


  • Erosion of tanks


The tank where solid food waste is accumulated often gets choked due to the formation of grease lumps. Eventually, the decomposition of food waste and grease produce hydrogen sulfide. This gas produces sulfuric acid after chemically combining with water which erodes the waste tank. Replacing a waste tank attracts a lot of investment again. Why waste your money when you can easily increase the longevity of your waste tank by regular cleaning of grease traps?


  • Awful sedimentation


The heavier particles in a grease tank will get settled after decomposition causing the deposition of an awful slag that cannot be easily removed or cleaned. If not cleaned regularly, the tank will become very tough to clean after a long time. It will also cost you dearly. On hiring a regular grease trap and tank cleaning service, you can get rid of this problem in the future.


  • Drainage system gets blocked


The relentless flow of oil, grease and other food material will definitely accumulate in the drain vents. Over time, these vents will get blocked and the drains will overflow causing a stench to spread. It will not only disgust the customers but will also violate industry regulations for restaurants. You need to comply with such regulations and maintain a proper cleaning regime so as to keep the drainage system unclogged. It is the duty of a restaurant owner towards society.


  • Attracting penalties


It might also attract penalties from the authorities. If your grease trap and tanks are not cleaned regularly, they will breed pathogens and pests. This is a threat to the restaurant business as a serious violation like this might end up bringing penalties or cancellation of the license.


  • Losing business


No customer will like to come back when there is a foul smell inside the premises of a restaurant. It has been found that improper cleaning of grease traps lead to the formation of foul smell the most.


These are the advantages a restaurant can enjoy on proper cleaning of grease traps regularly.


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