7 Tips to Fix Your Dishwasher

7 Tips to Fix Your Dishwasher when it is Not Draining!

It is reported by many prominent Plumbing Repair Companies like Viperjet Drain Cleaning Service, New Jersey, that often times they get calls from home owners, complaining that their Dishwasher is not draining properly. Although the Dishwasher drain is connected with the main sewerage drain, this is a problem to be looked into by you as the home owner first, before calling the plumbing emergency services. Here are 7 useful tips:

  1. Every Dishwashing machine is manufactured with safety equipment for functioning smoothly. So first inspect the machine closely, while it is running. If it is running perfectly, but water is not drained and get clogged at the bottom, then you need to inspect the connected parts still closely.
  2. Check after running the disposal outlet. If no water comes out from the pipe connection, the hose must have been blogged and this prevents the water getting drained. Disconnect the hose and check for free flow of water pouring from one end and filling in a bucket.
  3. Checking the bottom of the dishwasher will also be needed, to see whether there are other blockages anywhere. Some debris or food particles may have fallen into the bottom, which prevents water flowing out. If so remove that blockage with a cloth or brush.
  4. The Manufacturer’s Manual can guide you how to properly load the dishwasher. Read the instructions and load the dishwasher accordingly once again and start the machine.
  5. Cleaning the water filter periodically is a must. Many home owners don’t follow these instructions. So check the filter and if there is any debris or obstruction, wipe them clean.
  6. The drain hose may be a problem-creator. In such circumstances, you need to insert a wire hanger and clean the hose thoroughly. Blow air from one end and if there is something blocking inside the hose it will come off. You can use mechanical or electrical blowing device also for this purpose.
  7. The drain valve and the drain basket also need your attention. Check them systematically whether they are working alright. If not, there may be some food particles or drainage powder thickly in the shape of a ball can be there, to obstruct the used water from draining.

After doing all the above checks, now switch on the dishwasher machine. It should work well as usual and the used water should be coming out cleanly from the machine. For cleaning the already stagnated water not drained out and remaining at the bottom, you have to clean up the mess manually.

Take some towel and carefully wipe off every inch of the bottom of the machine.

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